All pupils, from S1-S3, follow the Broad General Education programme of work.

Lomond View Academy offers:

• English

• Maths

• History

• Science

• Home Economics

• Computing

• Art

• Personal, Social Education

Typically, pupils follow this programme at second and third levels. Those pupils accessing part-time, mainstream placements follow either specific subjects or the normal programme of study for their year group. Lomond View staff also support young people in their mainstream placements.
Senior Phase:

In the senior phase the following subjects are offered at National 3 and 4:

• English

• Maths (including Financial Education and Lifeskills Maths)

• History

• Modern Studies

• Computing

• Physics

• Hospitality

• Scottish Studies


• Physical Education

• Practical Woodwork

Some pupils undertake external exams at National 5. This can be offered at, either Lomond View or within a local Secondary school.

SQA awards:

For senior phase pupils we also offer:

• Safe Road User award
• E-Touch Typing module
• Electronic Music
• Personal Development awards


• John Muir Award
• Duke of Edinburgh

Work experience:

Some of our young people work best in a practical way and we strive to combine, both a robust curriculum with practical, life experiences that will enhance the employability and independence of our young people.
Together with More Choices, More Chances we have links with many local employers that offer our young people experience of employment in a highly supportive environment. Such partners include Ardgowan Hospice, Auchmountain Catering,  Parklea Garden Centre and local barbers. Pupils can commence these placements from S2, increasing in frequency in the senior phase.

Pupils are given recognition, via the Saltire award or through SQA certification should their placement qualify.


In order to enhance curricular provision and give pupils the maximum possible chance to undertake a programme of study/activity of their personal choice electives are offered, usually for a four-six week block.

Options include:

• Beginners French
• Beginners Italian
• Beginners German (All language choices include equal weighting to cultural aspects of the country of choice)
• Beginners Chess

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